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    Tina's Qi Story

    I discovered Master Chunyi Lin over 20 years ago where he presented at a psychotherapy conference. A therapist from Minneapolis, MN invited Master Lin to teach Qigong where he highlighted to participants the value of this practice on our health and wellbeing. We learned only a few of the qigong movements yet something stirred within me. I signed up for a small group healing with him that evening and remember only the quietness and the awareness that I wanted to learn more and feel happier. I read Master Lin’s book Born a Healer and did the practice and meditations from time to time but doing any formal training did not fit into my busy schedule until years later when I suffered some injuries and health challenges which created anxiety/fear and worry about the future.

    Like many of us do, I tried numerous treatments to help fix the problems. Regardless of how much I did, my problems persisted, and I continued to struggle. What was I to do? During Covid, Master Lin did Facebook live practices to help fight covid symptoms. Every day he was there sharing his teaching and giving healing advice….and every day I found myself in front of the computer. My passion for Qigong took hold and I quickly completed Levels 1-3, then, Level 1 again when he upgraded his teachings in 2021. I was also a member of the Healing Circle where Master Lin shared more teachings and offered healing meditations each week.

    I completed the Spring Forest Practice Group certification in September 2021 and volunteered to teach a neighborhood class in October. Was there instant healing? The answer here is simple. Some things in my body and mind were happening and changing. Spiritually, I felt expansion and light. I kept studying and experienced even more shifts and abundance in my life. Making decisions and overcoming obstacles seemed so much easier! My pain levels are down and my vitality for life is shining brighter. As a mental health professional most of my life, I tended to see life from an analytic perspective – I loved to think and solve problems. I have learned that “thinking” your way through challenges is not always the best. Rather, it is tuning into our healing inner intelligence through sensation and awareness. Qigong movements and emptying the mind are the keys to transform our blockages, open our energy channels to heal and re-charge.

    I Invite you to learn more about Qigong, attend a class and feel the power of your own QI’s potential.

    My Education & Experience

    Undergraduate Institution: University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND
    Graduate School: University of Denver, Denver, CO

    Degrees, Certifications, Licensures, etc.

    • Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader
    • LICSW – Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, ND
    • LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker, AZ
    • PAIRS Certified Leader for Relationship Education

    Associations, Memberships

    Spring Forest Qigong  Certified Professionals,NASW (National Association of Social Workers) Past Board Member for the state of North Dakota and member of ND Mental Health Association

    Areas of Interest

    Wellness and Healing, Tai Chi and Qigong,  Spirituality, Yoga for mood management, Family and Marital/Couple Therapy, Individual therapy, Psychiatric issues , Anger management, mindfullness and relaxation strategies, Stress management, Depression and Anxiety related to physical illness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Workshops/Classes  Information

    Tina Johnson has facilitated workshops and classes in the areas of Qigong, relationship skills, empowerment and mood management. She works as a psychotherapist at Tribe Wellness in Sedona.

    Tina is currently leading a weekly Qigong class in Cottonwood Ranch.  Prior to covid, she co-led two workshops called Living from the power of your Heart.    and has facilitated a variety of relationship education seminars. Tina also presented on topics re: relationships and the importance of healthy attachments and bonding, using aromatherapy to manage mood,  and workshops on empowerment and self growth.

    “We are taught the skills to survive rather than to thrive and are now called to go beyond our old habits and patterns and create a new paradigm for ourselves and future generations.”  Consider your parents and grandparents and ask yourself these questions. How did they communicate their emotions and experiences? How was affection expressed? How did they deal with stress and solve disagreements? What were the rules to take care of the physical body?  What did they teach you about talking and listening to yourself, each other and the environment?”

    Most of our families taught us how to survive and find ways to cope that are now outdated.  It is exciting to have new knowledge and  opportunities to upgrade our software so to speak and begin to thrive and live life to our greatest potential.  From that state of mind flows vitality, happiness, joy and gratitude and the ability to transform the storms and challenges of negative emotions to what is going on in the world around us.

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